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Milliken & Company is committed to operating in a manner that protects the quality of our environment and the health and safety of our entire value chain, including suppliers, associates, customers and the public. To that end, we have set a goal of zero human health impacts to anyone who comes into contact with any aspect of Milliken & Company’s operations and products. We work to achieve this through a continual improvement process that includes the evaluation of all existing, new and proposed products and processes.

Knowing the chemicals in our products

We are committed to understanding 100% of the chemical ingredients used in the materials we select for Milliken flooring solutions. We require all suppliers and vendors to provide chemical and ingredient information to 100 parts per million before we purchase materials for production. Collecting this level of detail enables us to make informed decisions about the composition of our products. It also enables Milliken to calculate our chemical footprint and to have product transparency labels, like Declare, third party verified for accuracy and completeness.

Assessing the chemicals in our products & selecting safer alternatives

We have established priorities, goals, and metrics for the elimination of chemicals of high concern as part of our 10 year sustainability roadmap. To manage the impacts of our materials on human health, we evaluate all new and existing supplier materials to understand their human health impacts before we will allow a new chemical to be considered for experimentation.  We do so using our Design for Human Health strategy, developed through WAP Sustainability’s Value Chain Chemical Management System (VCCM®).

Using the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals methodology, the Healthy Building Networks Red List, the California Proposition 65 List and the Green Science Policy Institutes Six Classes, we screen and assess the chemicals used in potential materials.  If we identify any issues during this assessment process, we search for safer chemical alternatives.  If no alternatives can be identified that do not contain the safest levels of ingredients, we will further explore risks from form-specific hazards as we continue to research and develop safer alternative chemistries.  

Transparency and safer chemistry

Milliken is committed to being transparent about the chemicals and ingredients used in our products, while also working to promote and advance material science with new levels of safe products.

We are committed to considering our families, our associates, our customers, and our communities as we design and develop new products. We must consider environment and human health in those decisions, striving to be a leader in safer chemistries.

Philip Ivey

Strategic Sustainability Leader

Milliken Floor Covering Division

From the 2018 CFP Report