About the Chemical Footprint Project


The mission of the Chemical Footprint Project is to transform global chemical use by measuring and disclosing data on business progress to safer chemicals.  It provides a tool for benchmarking companies as they select safer alternatives and reduce their use of chemicals of high concern.

Our Vision

We envision a world where chemicals are healthy for people and the environment; where disease rates for cancer, infertility, asthma, and learning disabilities are falling rapidly; and where governments and markets reward healthy products. To achieve this vision the Chemical Footprint Project tracks, disseminates, and benchmarks corporate progress to safer chemicals in products, manufacturing, and supply chains.

About Us

Clean Production Action, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Pure Strategies founded the Chemical Footprint Project. Clean Production Action administers the project. The Lowell Center and Pure Strategies provide strategic and technical guidance.


For answers to general questions about the project please see FAQs.