The HP Materials and Chemicals Management Policy

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As part of HP’s commitment to environmental leadership, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental and human health impacts of materials throughout our supply chain.

The HP Materials and Chemicals Management Policy guides how we specify materials and chemicals for use in products, packaging, and manufacturing processes. This policy applies to all HP employees and businesses worldwide, and also extends to HP’s suppliers. Supplier expectations are set through the HP General Specification for the Environment and the HP Supplier Code of Conduct.

Materials and chemicals management at HP is based on the following principled commitments:

• Comply with laws and regulations where HP does business and adopt and apply international standards where laws are less stringent.

• Proactively evaluate materials and chemicals in HP’s products and supply chain, and prioritize them for restriction based on published lists of chemicals of concern, customer preferences, and sound scientific analysis that reveals a potential impact to human health or the environment.

• Determine the hazard characteristics of chemical constituents and formulations in products, packaging, and manufacturing processes and, using a precautionary approach, reduce hazard by replacing a chemical of concern with a less hazardous alternative.

• Redesign products and processes to avoid the use of chemicals of concern.

• Collaborate with supply chain partners to drive innovation in the development and adoption of environmentally preferable alternatives.

• Support policies, standards, and harmonized legislation to ensure that comprehensive hazard data are available for chemicals on the market and to eliminate or reduce known hazards. These policies, standards, and legislation should be based on sound science and include assessment of relevant hazards, exposures and subsequent risks, and a preference for lower risk alternatives.

• Require our suppliers to have proper management systems to inventory chemicals, eliminate or manage chemicals of concern, and provide appropriate personal protective equipment and training to workers.

• Identify the materials and chemicals used in products, packaging, and manufacturing processes.

Provide this information to customers, workers, communities, and other stakeholders, subject to the need to protect confidential information for legitimate business needs and innovation.

We are committed to ensuring the principles outlined in this policy are integrated into our business operations. This includes conducting assessments, defining performance goals and metrics, reviewing results with senior management regularly, and publicly reporting on our continual improvement in areas covered by this policy.

Judy Glazer

Global Head of Sustainability and Product Compliance

HP, Inc.

From the 2017 CFP Report