US toy company reveals safer materials strategy

6/9/2017   Chemical Watch   Blog Posts  

US toy company reveals safer materials strategy image

Radio Flyer sets out benefits and challenges of chemical footprinting


US toy firm Radio Flyer has revealed its safer material strategy in a webinar this week on the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP).


The family-run company has taken part in the project, since it was co-created by the US NGO Clean Production Action (CPA), Lowell Centre for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and consultancy Pure Strategies in 2015.

The project tracks companies’ progress towards safer chemicals, by measuring the total mass of substances of concern in their products. It also evaluates participants' public disclosure and verification, management strategy and chemical inventory.

Mark Rossi, co-founder of the Chemical footprinting Project, said Radio Flyer’s participation in the project was “exciting at three levels”, because it demonstrates simultaneously how small companies, those in the toy sector and article manufacturers in the beginning stages of chemicals management beyond compliance, can gain value from participation.

He added: “For companies at all three of these levels, Radio Flyer demonstrates the value of CFP in providing a blueprint for managing chemical risks beyond regulatory compliance across the entire organisation and all of its products.” 


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