CFP Responder, HP, phases out of phthalates

7/27/2017   Chemical Watch   Blog Posts  

CFP Responder, HP, phases out of phthalates image

Hewlett Packard pledges to complete phthalates phase out

Transparency efforts 

Last year, HP participated in the Chemical Footprint Project, which tracks companies' progress towards safer chemicals, by measuring the total mass of substances of concern in their products. The project also provides a standard benchmark for companies to evaluate progress towards reducing these.

Ms Reece said the company plans to reduce its chemical footprint in 2017 by:

further reducing PVC in its personal systems portfolio;
“continuing to eliminate the use of phthalates, with expected completion by end of 2018”; and
working to restrict n,n-dimethylacetamide (DMAC) in products by next year.

She added that it also aspires to zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in electronics manufacturing processes, and is working on this with industry groups, such as the Clean Electronics Production Network. This includes creating case studies for replacing priority substances with safer alternatives; a pilot programme for more comprehensive monitoring of worker exposure; and a common standard for reporting substances used.

HP publishes its REACH SVHC declarations as well as its IT ECO declarations under industry standard ECMA-370.


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