Survey Guidance & Chemicals of High Concern List

How to get involved 

  • Read the 2017 Guidance document
  • Participate in a webinar 
  • Sign up for our email list to receive updates
  • Read the 2018 Guidance document when it is released November 2018
  • Respond to the Survey between January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019

Steps for taking the CFP Survey 

  • Email with any questions.
  • Apply to take the online survey. In this initial application, indicate whether your company wishes to be named as participating in the Survey in the CFP 2018 Annual Report or remain anonymous. Note: The Survey is designed for brands and manufacturers of products or components of products. Product sectors include, but are not limited to, apparel and footwear; automobiles and automotive parts; building products and furniture; consumer packaged goods (including household and personal care products); electronics; medical devices; and textiles.
  • Receive approval from CFP to complete the online survey.
  • Sign terms of use agreement.
  • Log in to take the survey, respond to questions, and include applicable documentation. Survey questions include options to make your company’s responses (excluding documentation) and score publicly available on the CFP website.
  • Click “complete” when all responses are filled in and documentation provided.
  • CFP will review responses and documentation, then assign each responding company a score from 1 – 100. Each responding company will receive a report with its score. CFP will compile and analyze data from all responders anonymously in an annual report, to be released in April 2018. With their permission, leading companies will be highlighted in the report by name. All companies that agree to make their participation public will be listed in the annual report. Responses and scores of companies that agree to make these public will be posted on the CFP website.

Download the Chemicals of High Concern list as a PDF or Excel file.

Download the Guidance document