The CFP Survey

The Chemical Footprint Project Survey: 20 questions and response options

The Survey is organized into four key performance categories: management strategy, chemical inventory, footprint measurement, and public disclosure and verification.

Management Strategy (20 points)

M1. Does your company have a chemicals policy that aims to avoid chemicals of high concern (CoHCs)? (4 points)

M2. Does your company have a chemicals policy that in addition to avoiding CoHCs includes an explicit preference for the use of safer alternatives? (4 points)

M3. Is reducing CoHCs and/or advancing safer alternatives beyond regulatory requirements integrated into your company’s business strategy? (4 points)

M4. How does your company advocate externally for the use of safer chemicals? (4 points)

M5. What means of accountability does your company have in place to ensure implementation of your chemicals policy? In documentation, include the title and description of responsibilities for the highest ranking person in the company responsible for chemicals management. (4 points)

Chemical Inventory (30 points)

I1. What steps has your company taken to manage legally restricted CoHCs? (5 points)

I2. What actions does your company take to develop a Beyond Restricted Substances List and determine their presence in your products? (5 points)

I3. What chemical information does your company collect from suppliers? (5 points)

I4. For what percentage of products sold by your company do you collect full chemical ingredient information? (5 points)

I5. What capabilities does your company have for managing data on chemical ingredients in its products? In documentation, include a description of your data system. (5 points)

I6. How does your company assure conformance with your chemicals policy? (5 points)

Footprint Measurement (30 points)

F1. Has your company set goals for reducing CoHCs in the products you sell and measured progress toward these goals? (2 points)

F2. How does your company measure its baseline chemical footprint? (8 points)

F3. Over the past two years how much have intentionally added CoHCs in your products

changed? (6 points)

F4. How does your company assess the hazards of chemicals in its products beyond regulatory requirements? In documentation, include a description of your hazard assessment system or tool. (6 points)

F5. How does your company encourage the use of safer alternatives to CoHCs? (6 points)

Public Disclosure and Verification (20 points)

D1. What information does your company disclose about the chemical ingredients in its products? (8 points)

D2. Does your company agree to publicly disclose its responses to the CFP Survey? (3 points)

D3. Does your company agree to publicly disclose its score on the CFP website? (5 points)

D4. Have any of your company’s responses to the Survey questions been verified

by an independent third party? (4 points)