NEW! Model Chemicals Policy for Brands and Manufacturers

Posted By BizNGO Chemicals Workgroup
For Brands / Manufacturers

The BizNGO Chemicals Work Group has developed a Model Chemicals Policy for Brands and Manufacturers. The Model Policy, which builds from EDF’s Model Chemicals Policy for Retailers of Formulated Products, is designed to help brands and manufacturers that are developing or strengthening their chemicals policies. It aligns with the Chemical Footprint Project Survey questions and provides examples and resources from… Read More

CFP 2017 Report


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The Power of Chemical Footprinting: Radio Flyer Unlocks Their Safer Materials Strategy

Posted By Pure Strategies

A Pure Strategies report, “The Power of Chemical Footprinting: Radio Flyer Unlocks Their Safer Materials Strategy,” demonstrates the power of understanding corporate chemical footprints as a platform for crafting and advancing a proactive approach to chemicals management. Radio Flyer, the iconic toy maker, reveals how their efforts to quantify their chemical footprint are accelerating their development of a safer chemicals strategy. Read More

Chemical Footprint Project Report 2016


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BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference 2015 Selected Speaker Interviews

Posted By Chemical Footprint Project

Check out these selected speaker interviews from the 2015 BizNGO-Chemical Footprint Conference!   Nicole Koharik Nicole Koharik, serves as the global sustainability marketing director for GOJO Industries, a global leader in hand hygiene and healthy skin and the inventor of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer. Koharik’s focus at GOJO includes corporate sustainability strategy, policies, goals and stakeholder engagement and reporting. GOJO was among the first organizations to pilot the Chemical Footprint Project, and Koharik will… Read More

BizNGO-Chemical Footprint 2015 Conference

December 8th & 9th, 2015
JFK Library & Museum-Smith Hall

BizNGO - Chemical Footprint 2015 Boston, MA We celebrated BizNGO's 10th anniversary in typical collaborative spirit by co-organizing our annual conference with the Chemical Footprint Project. Combining the best features of the two initiatives, the conference featured in-depth, high quality presentations that openly addressed the challenges of and opportunities for transitioning from chemicals of high concern to safer alternatives. Presenters and participants included a… Read More

CFP Guidance Document

This guidance document details the questions and response options of the four Survey elements: Management Strategy, Chemical Inventory, Footprint Measurement, and Public Disclosure and Verification. Read More

Addendum to Question 4

This addendum to the Guidance for Using the CFP Survey provides guidelines on how to demonstrate verification of response options to Question D4. Read More

BizNGO 2014 - 9th Annual Meeting

December 8-9, 2015

CFP Presentations from Clean Production Action's BizNGO 2014 annual meeting held in San Francisco. Read More

What’s your Chemical Footprint?

October 2014

What's your chemical footprint? Presentation by Mark Rossi at GreenBuild 2014. Read More