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Webinar: What is the chemical footprint of health care products?


A new report released by Clean Production Action provides the first ever chemical footprint of products commonly used in pediatric patient rooms. Hazardous chemicals in…
Clean Production Action
Webinar: Deep Dive for Chemical Footprint Project Responders


Participating in the CFP Survey demonstrates your organization's commitment to sound chemicals management. Want to learn the ins and outs of the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Survey?…
Chemical Footprint Project
Webinar: CFP - Empowering Companies and Investors


Listen as CPA, Trillium Asset Management, and Walmart discuss how CFP evaluates businesses holistically on their journey to safer chemicals, thereby enabling participating companies to benchmark…
Ashley Hall, Susan Baker, Mark Rossi
Webinar: The Power of Chemical Footprinting


Explore the value of calculating the chemical footprint by hearing how one company took this on for the first time, from the Pure Strategies’ report,…
Mark Rossi, Tim Greiner, Eric Selner
Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project Investor Briefing


In an environment where chemical regulation and market demands for safer chemicals are on the rise, investors are increasingly looking for standards against which to…
Chemical Footprint Project: Advanced Webinar for Companies Responding to the 2016 Survey


Join the creators of the Chemical Footprint Project Survey for a webinar designed exclusively for 2016 Survey Responders. This webinar assumes basic knowledge of the…
Chemical Footprint Project
Webinar: Participate in the 2016 Chemical Footprint Project Survey


Join leading businesses participating in the 2nd annual CFP Survey. Investors with over $2.3 trillion in assets under management and purchasers with over $70 billion in purchasing power…
Mark Rossi, Cheri Peele, Sally Edwards, Tim Greiner
Webinar: In Depth-Chemical Footprint Project 2016 Annual Report

7/14/2016 3 PM- 4 PM EDT

Listen to the co-authors give a detailed look at the results of the Chemical Footprint 2016 Annual Report, the first initiative of its kind to publicly…
Mark Rossi, Cheri Peele, Tim Greiner, Sally Edwards
Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project 2016 Annual Report


Learn how investors, brands, and purchasers gain value from the Chemical Footprint Project and hear about the results of the first annual survey. Speakers: Mark…
Mark Rossi, Nicole Koharik, Mary Ellen Leciejewski, Susan Baker
Webinar: Chemical Footprint Project-Why businesses actors recommend it


Representatives from ChemSec, CPA, and the business sector explain how the Chemical Footprint Project provides:  Access to a system for evaluating, measuring, and communicating corporate chemicals management…
Sonja Haider, Roger McFadden, Mark Rossi
Webinar: Deep Dive into Chemical Footprinting


Watch Tim Greiner of Pure Strategies, Sally Edwards of Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Mark Rossi of Clean Production…
Mark Rossi, Sally Edwards & Tim Greiner
Webinar: Chemical Footprinting with Staples & Trillium Asset Management


Watch Roger McFadden of Staples, Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management, and Mark Rossi of Clean Production Action for this introductory webinar into the Chemical…
Roger McFadden, Susan Baker, & Mark Rossi
BizNGO Webinar on the OECD Toolbox


The toolbox offers access to tools, data, chemical lists, and guidance documents for users with varying levels of expertise, to assist in the substitution of…
Kathy Hart, Emily Connor & Jonathan Rivin
Webinar: Chemical Footprint Project Launch


This webinar introduced the project itself and players involved in the new and exciting tool. The Chemical Footprint Project was founded by the environmental non-profit…