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Training: Setting Goals and Measuring Chemical Footprints
Learn how to measure current chemical footprint and progress to sustainability goals, based on case studies from leading practitioners.  The Chemical…
GreenBiz: 5 golden rules for investors on good governance and safer chemicals


Investors care about the chemical footprint of corporations. Toxic chemicals in products and supply chains are hidden liabilities, posing potentially significant…
Lauren Compere   GreenBiz  
4 New Courses in Chemicals Management Leadership


Join Clean Production Action in addressing your pain points in chemicals and materials management. In 2018 we are offering 4 new courses that build from…
Clean Production Action  
Five achievements from 2017


  In these times of federal roll-backs to human and environmental health protections, we thankfully still have companies keeping and upping their…
Clean Production Action  
Webinar: What is the chemical footprint of health care products?


A new report released by Clean Production Action provides the first ever chemical footprint of products commonly used in pediatric patient rooms. Hazardous…
Clean Production Action  
Chemical Footprint Project Workshop 2017


Be a leader in proactive chemicals management. Join us in Boston to learn how to: Reduce business risks related to chemicals, Measure progress in using…
Chemical Footprint Project   NonProfit Center 89 South Street Boston, MA 02111  
What is the Chemical Footprint of Health Care Products?


Nonprofit Clean Production Action Evaluates Products Commonly Used in Pediatric Patient Rooms for Hazardous ChemicalsSomerville, MA – A new report…
Clean Production Action  
IEHN joins Clean Production Action!

Dear Friends of CPA, It is with great pleasure that I share the news that the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) is coming under the Clean Production…
Clean Production Action   11/16/2017  
Webinar: Deep Dive for Chemical Footprint Project Responders


Participating in the CFP Survey demonstrates your organization's commitment to sound chemicals management. Want to learn the ins and outs of the…
Chemical Footprint Project  
The 2017 CFP Survey is now live!


    The CFP 2017 Survey is now live! Brands and manufacturers now have a common language for communicating to investors and customers their progress…
Chemical Footprint Project  
Upcoming webinars & workshop


    The leaves are changing here in Somerville which means BizNGO 2017 is right around the corner. This year, the annual meeting will be held…
Clean Production Action  
Webinar: CFP - Empowering Companies and Investors


Listen as CPA, Trillium Asset Management, and Walmart discuss how CFP evaluates businesses holistically on their journey to safer chemicals, thereby…
Ashley Hall, Susan Baker, Mark Rossi  
Newsletter: Solutions to hazardous chemicals


    What do retailers, investors, and enviros have to do with solutions to hazardous chemicals? Surprisingly, it turns out, quite a bit. To give…
Clean Production Action  
GreenBiz: CFP & Walmart


Chemical footprinting strides to become mainstream with WalmartGlobal momentum toward chemical safety is rising as the financial and health implications…
CFP Moves Mainstream


Companies with over $670 billion in revenue participate in the Second Annual SurveyCONTACT: Alison Poor,, 781-391-6743 x110…
Chemical Footprint Project  
Check out CFP 2017! New Report Released Today


    Hello from Somerville, Massachusetts! Today Clean Production Action in partnership with the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production…
Clean Production Action  
CFP Responder, HP, phases out of phthalates


Hewlett Packard pledges to complete phthalates phase outTransparency efforts  Last year, HP participated in the Chemical Footprint Project, which tracks…
Chemical Watch  
BD reports progress on substitution


Healthcare NGO praises medical device manfacturer's actions Chemical FootprintIn 2016, BD took part in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) survey,…
Chemical Watch  
How CVS is cutting back on chemicals in cosmetics


As vice president of store brands and quality assurance at CVS Health, I spend a lot of time thinking about one big question: What do our customers want?…
Cia Tucci   GreenBiz  
US toy company reveals safer materials strategy


Radio Flyer sets out benefits and challenges of chemical footprinting  US toy firm Radio Flyer has revealed its safer material strategy in a webinar…
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