Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project Investor Briefing

1/26/2017   UN PRI   Webinars  

Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project Investor Briefing image

In an environment where chemical regulation and market demands for safer chemicals are on the rise, investors are increasingly looking for standards against which to measure chemicals management policies and practices. 

The Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Assessment Survey was established to provide a standard metric for evaluating, measuring, and communicating chemicals management performance. It seeks to assess the extent to which companies proactively manage chemicals to capture new market opportunities, and avoid the financial risks of hazardous chemicals by anticipating new regulations and shifts in customer demands. 
Join the co-founder of the Chemical Footprint Project and investors supporting the project as they discuss the value of responding to the CFP Survey. Presentations cover the development of the survey, the value proposition for investors and companies, and progress made in the first annual report. Discussion followa about how investors can support the Chemical Footprint Project, use the survey in their investment decisions and engagement with companies. 


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