Webinar with Walmart and Trillium Asset Management

9/13/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

Webinar with Walmart and Trillium Asset Management


What do retailers, investors, and enviros have to do with solutions to hazardous chemicals? Surprisingly, it turns out, quite a bit. To give you a snippet of what is going on in the wave of solutions to unhealthy chemicals, here are some highlights worth a deeper look: 

CFP_greenbeakerNew Model Chemicals Policy created by the BizNGO Chemicals Workgroup to help brands and manufacturers develop and strengthen their chemicals policies – want to know what should be in a corporate chemicals policy? Check it out.

● Living Product Expo Panel on Chemical Footprinting with Herman Miller, GOJO Industries, and Construction Specialties – learn how companies engage in CFP September 14 in Pittsburgh.​

BizNGO_2015_night 4● Webinar with Ashley Hall of Walmart and Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management on Chemical Footprinting – join us on October 11 to learn why a retailer and investor participate in the Chemical Footprint Project (aka “CFP”).

● BizNGO 2017 (December 5-6 in Boston): Emerging Trends & Taking Action – our annual BizNGO meeting is an invite-only event where participants develop and share solutions to hazardous chemicals in products and supply chains. Interested in joining us and not a BizNGO participant? Contact Alison or Ellen for more information.

In case you missed the following past releases while on vacation or happily ignoring an overflowing inbox, we:

 CFPReportCover2017● Released the 2nd Annual Chemical Footprint Project Survey results in July – the Executive Summary is a must read for anyone involved in solutions to unhealthy chemicals.

● Announced our partnership with University at Buffalo and Niagara Share on clean production in solar panels.

● Highlighted GreenScreen® learning opportunities – as in, “I don’t know what that GreenScreen thing is, but want to know more" –

Join us on the ever interesting, surprising, and incredibly complex journey to inherently safer and healthier products for people and the planet. mark_rossi
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Mark Rossi, PhD

Executive Director