BizNGO 2018 Annual Meeting

December 4-5, 2018   UC Berkeley Clark Kerr Campus Berkeley, CA   Related news   News and Press   Meetings  

BizNGO 2018 Annual Meeting image

The BizNGO 2018 Annual Meeting is a safe place for NGOs & companies to learn, share, and discuss topics about chemicals and to find areas of intersection. An impressive group of experts from industry, NGOs, government, and academia will tackle topics such as chemical footprinting & reduction goals, PFAS & the demand for alternatives, transparency & the evolving state of government policy, hazard assessments in standards, and the power of purchasing. Get your ticket here.

If you are not a BizNGO member, but would like to attend the meeting, please contact Alison.

See the full agenda & speakers for this year's meeting.