“The Chemical Footprint Project gives us the directions to follow to become WORLD CLASS in our chemicals policy and knowledge.”
- Eric Selner, Radio Flyer

Chemicals are the new carbon!
What is your chemical footprint?

What is it?

The Chemical Footprint Project provides a metric for benchmarking companies as they reduce their use of chemicals of high concern and select safer alternatives.

Companies answer a 19 question survey, scored to 100 points. The Survey evaluates companies and their chemicals management policies and practices based on four key pillars:

  • Management Strategy - the policies and strategies companies put into place to manage chemicals

  • Chemical Inventory - the information companies collect on chemicals in products and supply chains

  • Footprint Measurement - the baseline data companies have on chemicals of high concern to human health and the environment (CoHCs) in products and their tracking of progress to safer alternatives

  • Public Disclosure and Verification - the sharing of information on chemicals in products with the public, disclosure of scores and responses to the CFP Survey, and steps taken to verify responses to the Survey

Who is it for?

The Survey is designed for manufacturers, brands and retailers who participate as CFP Responders.

CFP Signatories are investors, retailers, large-scale purchasers, and NGOs that encourage manufacturers and brands to participate as Responders.

The Survey is opens once a year and it is free to participate. 

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How do I get started?

  1. Read the Steps & Guidance to taking the Survey.
  2. Look at results from previous CFP annual reports.
  3. Join our email list so you know when the Survey opens.
  4. Email moreinfo@chemicalfootprint.org with any specific questions or inquiries.
  5. Be a Signatory! Signatories encourage companies in their sphere of influence to participate in CFP.

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