Learn About the Chemical Footprint Project

The Chemical Footprint Project is a new initiative for measuring corporate progress to safer chemicals.  It provides a metric for benchmarking companies as they select safer alternatives and reduce their use of chemicals of high concern.

The Chemical Footprint Project measures overall corporate chemicals management performance through a 20 question survey, scored to 100 points, that evaluates:

  • Management Strategy (20 points)
  • Chemical Inventory (30 points)
  • Footprint Measurement (30 points)
  • Public Disclosure and Verification (20 points)

The Survey is designed for manufacturers and brands, who participate as CFP Responders. CFP Signatories are investors, retailers, large-scale purchasers, and NGOs that encourage manufacturers and brands to participate as Responders.

Learn more about the benefits of the Chemical Footprint Project for both Responders and Signatories by clicking the infographic to the right.

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