Our company: (Manufacturing:) has a chemicals policy on CoHCs that is applicable to our manufacturing operations

Our company:

  • Manufacturing: Not applicable (We have no manufacturing operations.)
  • Has no established policy at this time

Our company works with employees and/or labor representatives to implement our chemicals policy

Our company has not addressed chemicals with supply partners at this time

If applicable, for what percentage of formulated products sold by your company is chemical ingredient information collected? 1%

N/A because your company does not sell articles

Chemical management system not in place at this time

Our company has not established goals for reducing CoHCs in the products we sell

Our company has not established baselines at this time

Our products did not contain intentionally added CoHCs for FY 2013 and FY 2014

Our company:

  • Asks suppliers to provide their evaluations of chemical hazards in the products they sell to us
  • Has not completed assessments at this time

Our company:

  • Has integrated our company's criteria for a safer alternative into our product development process (e.g., through our design and safety processes)
  • Publicly discloses our company's definition for a safer alternative and our approach to integrating it into our business practices