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4 New Courses in Chemicals Management Leadership

3/14/2018   Clean Production Action   Blog  

Join Clean Production Action in addressing your pain points in chemicals and materials management. In 2018 we are offering 4 new courses that build from…
Five achievements from 2017

12/21/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

  In these times of federal roll-backs to human and environmental health protections, we thankfully still have companies keeping and upping their commitments to use…
Webinar: What is the chemical footprint of health care products?

12/19/2017   Clean Production Action   Webinars  

A new report released by Clean Production Action provides the first ever chemical footprint of products commonly used in pediatric patient rooms. Hazardous chemicals in…
Chemical Footprint Project Workshop 2017

12/7/2017   Chemical Footprint Project   NonProfit Center 89 South Street Boston, MA 02111   Meetings   Presentations  

Be a leader in proactive chemicals management. Join us in Boston to learn how to: Reduce business risks related to chemicals, Measure progress in using…
What is the Chemical Footprint of Health Care Products?

12/5/2017   Clean Production Action   Press  

Nonprofit Clean Production Action Evaluates Products Commonly Used in Pediatric Patient Rooms for Hazardous Chemicals Somerville, MA – A new report released today by Clean…
BizNGO 2017

December 5-6, 2017   Clean Production Action   NonProfit Center 89 South Street Boston, MA 02111   Meetings  

By invitation only. Powered by Eventbrite
IEHN joins Clean Production Action!

Clean Production Action   11/16/2017   Blog  

Dear Friends of CPA, It is with great pleasure that I share the news that the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) is coming under the…
Webinar: Deep Dive for Chemical Footprint Project Responders

11/7/2017   Chemical Footprint Project   Webinars  

Participating in the CFP Survey demonstrates your organization's commitment to sound chemicals management. Want to learn the ins and outs of the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Survey?…
The 2017 CFP Survey is now live!

11/1/2017   Chemical Footprint Project   Blog  

    The CFP 2017 Survey is now live! Brands and manufacturers now have a common language for communicating to investors and customers their progress…
Upcoming webinars & workshop

10/19/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

    The leaves are changing here in Somerville which means BizNGO 2017 is right around the corner. This year, the annual meeting will be…
Webinar: CFP - Empowering Companies and Investors

10/11/2017   Ashley Hall, Susan Baker, Mark Rossi   Webinars  

Listen as CPA, Trillium Asset Management, and Walmart discuss how CFP evaluates businesses holistically on their journey to safer chemicals, thereby enabling participating companies to benchmark…
NEW! Model Chemicals Policy for Brands and Manufacturers

9/13/2017   BizNGO Chemicals Workgroup   Reports   For Brands / Manufacturers  

The BizNGO Chemicals Work Group has developed a Model Chemicals Policy for Brands and Manufacturers. The Model Policy, which builds from EDF’s Model Chemicals Policy…
Newsletter: Solutions to hazardous chemicals

9/13/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

    What do retailers, investors, and enviros have to do with solutions to hazardous chemicals? Surprisingly, it turns out, quite a bit. To give…
GreenBiz: CFP & Walmart

8/11/2017   GreenBiz   Related news  

Chemical footprinting strides to become mainstream with Walmart Global momentum toward chemical safety is rising as the financial and health implications of chemical mismanagement become…
CFP Moves Mainstream

8/2/2017   Chemical Footprint Project   Press  

Companies with over $670 billion in revenue participate in the Second Annual Survey CONTACT: Alison Poor,, 781-391-6743 x110 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 2, 2017…
CFP 2017 Report

8/2/2017   Reports  

Please fill out the form below to get access to the report.
Check out CFP 2017! New Report Released Today

8/2/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

    Hello from Somerville, Massachusetts! Today Clean Production Action in partnership with the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and Pure Strategies released the…
CFP Responder, HP, phases out of phthalates

7/27/2017   Chemical Watch   Blog  

Hewlett Packard pledges to complete phthalates phase out Transparency efforts  Last year, HP participated in the Chemical Footprint Project, which tracks companies' progress towards safer chemicals, by measuring…
BD reports progress on substitution

6/16/2017   Chemical Watch   Blog  

Healthcare NGO praises medical device manfacturer's actions   Chemical Footprint In 2016, BD took part in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) survey, run by the…
How CVS is cutting back on chemicals in cosmetics

6/9/2017   Cia Tucci   GreenBiz   Blog  

As vice president of store brands and quality assurance at CVS Health, I spend a lot of time thinking about one big question: What do…
US toy company reveals safer materials strategy

6/9/2017   Chemical Watch   Blog  

Radio Flyer sets out benefits and challenges of chemical footprinting   US toy firm Radio Flyer has revealed its safer material strategy in a webinar…
Webinar: The Power of Chemical Footprinting

6/6/2017   Mark Rossi, Tim Greiner, Eric Selner   Webinars  

Explore the value of calculating the chemical footprint by hearing how one company took this on for the first time, from the Pure Strategies’ report,…
Chemical Footprint Project: webinar, workshop, & news

5/24/2017   Clean Production Action   Blog  

    Dear partners in safer chemical advancement, I’ve been knee-deep in scoring 2016’s cohort of the Chemical Footprint Project Survey. Stay tuned for our…
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The Power of Chemical Footprinting: Radio Flyer Unlocks Their Safer Materials Strategy

5/10/2017   Pure Strategies   Reports  

A Pure Strategies report, “The Power of Chemical Footprinting: Radio Flyer Unlocks Their Safer Materials Strategy,” demonstrates the power of understanding corporate chemical footprints as a…
CFP Survey closes!

1/31/2017   Meetings  

This year's Chemical Footprint Project Survey will close January 31, 2017.
Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project Investor Briefing

1/26/2017   UN PRI   Webinars  

In an environment where chemical regulation and market demands for safer chemicals are on the rise, investors are increasingly looking for standards against which to…
Chemical Footprint Project: Advanced Webinar for Companies Responding to the 2016 Survey

1/10/2017   Chemical Footprint Project   Webinars  

Join the creators of the Chemical Footprint Project Survey for a webinar designed exclusively for 2016 Survey Responders. This webinar assumes basic knowledge of the…
CVS Health, Vizient, Inc., and Rhode Island Treasury join the Chemical Footprint Project

12/22/2016   Chemical Footprint Project   Press  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2016 CONTACT: Alison Poor, 781-391-6743x110, Clean Production Action Increasing the momentum for companies to measure and report on their chemical…
BizNGO 2016 - 11th Annual Conference

12/7-12/8/2016   BizNGO   Golden Gate Club San Francisco, CA 94129   Meetings  

Are you interested in: Collaborating with businesses and environmental groups? Knowing about tools to identify safer alternatives to chemicals of high concern? Learning how to…
Chemical Footprint Project Workshop

12/6/2016   Clean Production Action   Golden Gate Club San Francisco, CA   Meetings   Presentations  

Are you seeking to be a leader in proactive chemicals management? Learn how to: Reduce business risks related to chemicals, Measure progress in using safer chemicals,…
Chemical Footprint Webinar & Workshop, & BizNGO 2016 Conference!

10/12/2016   Clean Production Action   Blog  

Webinar on the Chemical Footprint Project: get the latest updates on the 2016 Survey December 6 - workshop on the Chemical Footprint Project: learn how…
Webinar: Participate in the 2016 Chemical Footprint Project Survey

10/13/2016   Mark Rossi, Cheri Peele, Sally Edwards, Tim Greiner   Webinars  

Join leading businesses participating in the 2nd annual CFP Survey. Investors with over $2.3 trillion in assets under management and purchasers with over $70 billion in purchasing power…
2016 Chemical Footprint Project Survey is live!

Chemical Footprint Project   Results   Blog  

Join leading businesses participating in the 2nd annual CFP Survey. Investors with over $2.3 trillion in assets under management and purchasers with over $70 billion in purchasing power…
Chemical Footprint Project Survey is live! BizNGO Annual Meeting, & more updates

9/13/2016   Clean Production Action   Blog  

Chemical Footprint Project survey is live! BizNGO members: Join us for the 11th annual meeting ​GreenScreen® featured at Electronics Goes Green conference Chemical Footprint Project…
Webinar: In Depth-Chemical Footprint Project 2016 Annual Report

7/14/2016 3 PM- 4 PM EDT   Mark Rossi, Cheri Peele, Tim Greiner, Sally Edwards   Webinars   Presentations  

Listen to the co-authors give a detailed look at the results of the Chemical Footprint 2016 Annual Report, the first initiative of its kind to publicly…
TEDx: “Changing the Course of Production Together”

3/5/2016   Mark Rossi   TEDxOrcasIsland   Blog  

Watch our very own Mark Rossi at the TEDxOrcasIsland event as he discusses what can happen when business leaders and environmental activists work together. Watch the presentation.
Upcoming Webinar on Chemical Footprint Project Results (& More)

5/26/2016   Clean Production Action   Blog  

​Webinar: Chemical Footprinting has Arrived at GOJO, Dignity Health, and Trillium Asset Management ​First Report on Corporate Progress Towards Safer Chemicals CFP in the Media Webinar: Chemical Footprinting has…
PRESS RELEASE: First ever benchmark of company progress towards safer chemicals

5/19/2016   ChemSec   Blog  

The Chemical Footprint Benchmark Supports Businesses, Investors and Purchasers in Assessing Chemical Risks In the first initiative of its kind to publicly benchmark corporate chemicals…
Webinar: The Chemical Footprint Project 2016 Annual Report

6/13/2016   Mark Rossi, Nicole Koharik, Mary Ellen Leciejewski, Susan Baker   Presentations   Webinars  

Learn how investors, brands, and purchasers gain value from the Chemical Footprint Project and hear about the results of the first annual survey. Speakers: Mark…